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Business + Social Impact

The Touchstone Collective is a professional consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in a full range of services designed to build strong partnerships and strategic planning with companies and nonprofit businesses. We want to help companies and employees to support our communities, as well as to build and strengthen brand awareness and revenue for their company.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Cause Consulting

As business strategists and social impact storytellers, if you are a for-profit company looking for ways to develop a positive workplace environment, increase creativity, encourage growth, and promote individual philanthropy within your company, we can work with you.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Are you a business looking to find your place in your community? Are you looking for ways to improve your public image, boost employee engagement, retain and attract new business, and improve your philanthropic approach?

Event & Virtual Sponsorships & Planning

With over 10 years of experience, let us plan your event from start to finish or handle day-of services to execute the most perfect event. We can help to manage sponsors and revenue-generating committees. Virtual Events? We do those too!

Strategic Planning

Every company needs a blueprint for their “house”. Together we can identify goals, outline activities to reach those goals, assign responsible parties for each area, and determine timelines. We can also “roll up our sleeves” and help you build project plans for each area of your development plans that “roll up” into your big picture.


Don’t have the fundraising staff you need to execute a project, take it to the next level, and measure results? We provide over a decade of front line experience to each client. Feel confident hiring us! Whether you need general consulting advice or our team to “get in the weeds” with you to reach your project goals and provide quality solutions for success!

New Business Development Services

New businesses need help. With your limited resources, you need a partner who can help take your business to the next level. We can help you to develop new projects, create new business leads with solid return on investment, create brand awareness opportunities, and help align your business to the right local partners.

Raves and Reviews

"The Touchstone Collective has provided much needed support to help the Glazer Children's Museum reach ambitious goals, support growth in revenue and create strong relationships with event donors. They bring a strategic mindset to planning, and are truly invested in making sure the organization performs to its fullest potential. We continue to be very pleased with the focus and passion brought by The Touchstone Collective.” 

Sarah Cole
President & CEO

Glazer Children's Museum


Ready to find out more?

Please take some time to fill out the free consultation worksheet so we can get in touch with you and discuss how we can best help you meet your needs.

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